Branded Interactions
Marco Spies
Publication Date
October 2012
Thames & Hudson Publishers, Hermann Schmidt Verlag
Photo Credit
Marco Spies
The brand-oriented design of interactive applications goes beyond visual design. The challenge of shaping digital touchpoints fundamentally changes the profession of design.

Branded Interactions offers sound and practical advice with case studies and checklists throughout the BIxD process.

The book will familiarize you with strategic positioning models. Author Marco Spies presents analytical methods which help to build an understand of business, brand and user. The heart of the content focuses on the design process.

Style guides and templates help your design to survive in the wild. The book also contains valuable practical tips for the implementation phase and roll-out in various markets. [translated from German]

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  3. SETUP
  4. The Brief
  5. The Team
  6. Project Planning
  7. Technology
  8. Interview: “Design and Technology”, Tom Acland
  10. Workflow Models
  11. The Branded Interaction Design Process
  13. Understand the Business
  14. Understand the Brand
  15. Understand the User
  16. Define the Goal
  17. Interview “Service Design”, Brian Gillespie
  18. Good Practice I – Service Design
  19. DEFINE
  20. Plan the Product or Service
  21. Plan the Brand Experience
  22. Plan the User Experience
  23. Define the Metrics
  24. Interview “HumanKind and Digital Brand Strategy”, Alexander Wipf
  25. Good Practice II – Brand Design
  26. DESIGN
  27. Design Direction & Detailed Design
  28. Generate Ideas
  29. Design the User Experience
  30. Design the User Interface
  31. Interview “Digital First”, David Linderman
  32. Design Gesture Interactions
  33. Interview “Gesture Interaction”, Michael Zöllner
  34. Prototyping and Testing
  35. Interview “Fashion Goes Mobile”, Markus Aller & Joachim Bader
  36. Good Practice III – Brand Communication on the Web
  38. Create a styleguide
  39. Interview “Multiscreen Strategies”, precious
  40. Create UX Guidelines
  41. Monitor Production
  42. Project Launch & Debrief
  43. Interview “Interactive Brand Communication for Benetton”, Alfio Pozzoni
  44. Good practice IV – Brand Communication in Public Spaces
  46. Implement the BIxD
  47. Interview “Interaction in Public Spaces”, Joachim Sauter
  48. Refine and Update the BIxD
  49. Interview “Designing a Mobile Operating System”, Peter Skillmann
  50. Good Practice V – Brand Management
  52. Interview “Personal Interaction”, Marco Spies
  53. Bibliography
  54. Picture Credits
  55. Index
  56. Acknowledgements