Service Design
Birgit Mager, Michael Gais
Publication Date
January 2009
Wilhelm Fink
A collection of essays on service design practice, in German.

FROM THE PUBLISHER (translated): Service Design represents functionality and the form of services from the customer perspective. Services are designed to be useful from the perspective of customers and desirable from the perspective of providers effectively, efficiently and differently.

Service designers create, visualize and formulate such new services. In that UTB is Birgit Mager, founder of the teaching area service design, the course content and applications before this young discipline.

Internationally renowned guest authors enrich their expertise through insight into the practical implementation. The book is aimed at students, managers and practitioners in the service sector.
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Three Comments
Fabian Segelström on June 21, 2010 9:47am
A textbook in German introducing service design to newcomers to the field. Most of the book is written by Birgit Mager, but it also includes short essays by Jennie Winhall, Fran Samalionis and Shelley Evenson.

Somewhat of an untraditional textbook as it focuses less on the how, but more the why (there is a methods-chapter similar to the one in Miettinen & Koivisto). It follows the structure of Birgit's earlier books: it introduces the service concept and highlights services role in the world economy and then showcases the need to design services.

My favourite part is that Birgit highlights various locations to study service design and good details on how to find service design on the web for those who haven't done it yet.

On a sidenote the typeset has to be mentioned--it is stated that typesetters often are ignored but that they wanted to change it. So the typesetter is co-author and has gone wild in the layout. Unfortunately a little to wild IMHO, as the book at times is very hard to read due to the typesetting.

Marc Stickdorn on June 25, 2010 9:42am
An easy and well-written introduction to service design. Unfortunately the layout makes it hard to read..
groepl on July 8, 2010 6:02pm
Good book to get an overview on Service Design. Nice layout, but not for reading.
Service Design By Birgit Mager, Michael Gais
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