Design Thinking: Business Innovation
Mauricio Vianna et al.
Publication Date
November 2012
MJV Press
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Innovation guided by design has come to complement the vision of the market that, to innovate it is necessary to focus on the development or integration of new technologies and the opening and/or serving of new markets.

As well as these technological and market factors, the design thinking consultancy innovates principally by giving new meanings to products, services or relationships.

By challenging the standard patterns of thought, behaviour and feeling, “Design Thinkers” create solutions which bring new meanings and which stimulate the various aspects (cognitive, emotional and sensory) involved in the human experience.

The objective of this work is to spread the use of design culture as a strategic tool for businesses, together with the idea that financial returns are often linked with the ability to approach old issues from new angles. This book presents stages, techniques and tools illustrated through genuinely Brazilian cases to inspire and aid in the work towards innovation.

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One Comment
Janaina Vieira on December 13, 2012 3:21pm
This book is the only one that presents authentic Brazilian cases of Innovation and Design Thinking.

Design Thinking: Business Innovation By Mauricio Vianna et al.
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  1. Preface  6
  2. Why innovate? 11
  3. What is Design Thinking? 13
  4. But is it only designers who think this way? 14
  5. Why Design Thinking? 14
  6. What does this book have to offer? 16
  7. Immersion 21
  8. Preliminary Immersion 24
  9. Reframing 24
  10. Exploratory research 28
  11. Desk research 32
  12. In-depth immersion 36
  13. Interviews 37
  14. Cultural probes 39
  15. Generative sessions 43
  16. A Day in the Life 49
  17. Shadowing 53
  18. Andorinha Project 56
  19. Analysis and synthesis 65
  20. Insight cards 65
  21. Affinity diagram 72
  22. Conceptual map 74
  23. Guiding criteria 78
  24. Personas 80
  25. Empathy map 83
  26. User’s journey 85
  27. Blueprint 87
  28. Andorinha Project 92
  29. Ideation 99
  30. Brainstorming 101
  31. Co-creation workshop 105
  32. Idea menu 109
  33. Decision matrix 111
  34. Andorinha Project 116
  35. Prototyping 121
  36. Paper prototyping 126
  37. Volumetric model 130
  38. Staging 133
  39. Storyboard 135
  40. Service prototyping 138
  41. Andorinha Project 142
  42. Now that I have innovative solutions, how can I transform them into business? 158