Service Design: Practical Access to an Evolving Field
Stefan Moritz
Publication Date
June 2010
Service Design is a new holistic, multidisciplinary, integrative field. It helps to either innovate or improve services to make them more useful, us- able, desirable for clients, as well as more efficient and effective for organisations.

The service sector makes up the biggest part of the economy, up to 70% of GDP. However, services are not as productive for organisations and as satisfying for clients as they could be. Services have a design problem.

Professionals in the service sector need to realise that they are involved in design and use Service Design to improve it. Services have unique features. They are not tangible, cannot be stored or owned, consumption happens at the same time as production and they are complex experiences that happen over time. Therefore, designing services requires special considerations.

Design as a whole has changed and Service Design can address the unique challenges that the service economy is facing. Design is not only crafting details of products anymore. It is a field that designs complex and interactive experiences, processes and systems. It involves expertise and experts from related fields and clients in the design process. It uses special processes, tools and methods.

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Two Comments
Fabian Segelström on June 24, 2010 12:35pm
The first thorough publication on Service Design, Stefan Moritz's masters thesis still is a good source for an introduction to Service Design. Recently I've started to use it a source to show how service design is evolving. Example: how co-design was discussed in 2005 compared to the role it has in SD today.
Gus Oenning on January 25, 2021 11:13pm
This is the first book everyone interested in SD should read. A great overview of the state of the art of SD.
Service Design: Practical Access to an Evolving Field
By Stefan Moritz
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  3. Service revolution
  4. What differentiates services
  5. Understanding design
  7. What is Service Design
  8. What differentiates Service Design
  9. Areas with related expertise
  10. Service Design benefits
  11. Service Design to date
  12. Service Design players
  13. The Service Design Network
  14. Examples of outstanding services
  15. Who is designing services now
  16. Workshop with practitioners
  18. Bridging the gap
  19. Service Design framework
  20. Service Design overview
  21. Service Design (SD) tasks
  22. Considerations
  23. Service Design overview model
  24. Service Design process
  25. Service Design role description
  27. Glossary
  28. Service Design tools & methods
  29. Bibliography
  30. Acknowledgments