Highly rated but with minimal community notice.

Design Thinking - Business Innovation Maurício Vianna Ysmar Vianna Isabel K. Adler Brenda Lucena Beatriz Russo
Design Thinking - Business Innovation

Highly rated books published more than 15 years ago.

Design Noir: The Secret Life of Electronic Objects Anthony Dunne, Fiona Raby
New Service Development and Innovation in the New Economy Bo Edvardsson, Anders Gustafsson, Michael D. Johnson, Bodil Sanden

Three star rating with growing community support.

The Power of Less: The 6 Essential Productivity Principles That Will Change Your Life Leo Babauta

Books with no star rating.

Problem Solving 101: A Simple Book for Smart People Ken Watanabe
The Handbook of Design Management Rachel Cooper, Sabine Junginger, Thomas Lockwood, Richard Buchanan, Richard Boland, Kyung-won Chung