Designing Services with Innovative Methods: Perspectives on Service Design
This book presents the emerging and increasingly important field of service design. Birgit Mager, Köln International School of Design and Service Design Network, Ezio Manzini, Politecnico di Milano, and Stefan Holmlid, University of Linköping, discuss the general background and methodology.

Design thinking and innovative methods work as tools for co-creating services and desirable value propositions. Service design is a tool for designing a more sustainable society. Interaction design offers us insight into creating more user-oriented services.

The book begins with an excellent introduction to service design by Satu Miettinen. It includes a detailed 10-page glossary on the subject.

The balance of the text is divided into three sections. The first expands on the overview and is comprised of five essays: "Service Design as an Emerging Field" by Birgit Mager, "Service Design in the Age of Networks and Sustainability" by Ezio Manzini, "Service Designers' Methods" by Satu Miettinen (editor), "From Interaction to Service" by Stefan Holmlid and "Developing Service Design Education" by Katri and Jukka Ojasalo.

The next section, on service design practice, also features five essays: "Can Designers Help Deliver Better Services?" by Fran Samalionis of IDEO, "Frameworks for Structuring Services and Customer Experiences" by Mikko Koivisto (editor), "Designing Public Services" by Paul Thurston of ThinkPublic, "Who Do We Think We Are? by Arne van Oosterom of DesignThinkers, and "Service Design as a Tool for Innovation Leadership" by Kai Hämäläinen and Miia Lammi.

Finally, an interesting collection of case studies rounds out the book: "Service Design Pressure Cookers" by Remko Van Der Lugt, "Service Design for Social Innovation" by Miaosen Gong, "Relational Services and Conviviality" by Carla Cipolla and "Service Design in Tourism" by Marc Stickdorn.

The book is published in co-ordination with Kuopio Academy of Design.

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Seven Comments
Fabian Segelström on June 21, 2010 9:54am
Best introduction to Service Design in book form at the moment.
Marc Stickdorn on June 25, 2010 9:41am
A great collection of interesting articles on service design.
Well Read on August 6, 2010 11:29am
Where can I buy a copy?
Jeff Howard on August 8, 2010 3:43am
It looks like this book may be out of print, or at least no longer available from the TaiK bookstore. In the meantime I've rounded up a few of the articles as PDFs.
Jeff Howard on September 2, 2010 7:04pm
Courtesy of the author, here's a link to the e-book PDF. It's 29 euros.
richard arnott on March 31, 2011 3:09pm
Great book on Service Design, which I'm so lucky to have purchased before it went out of print. The publisher should re-print, as the demand is still strong for such a useful resource.
Satu Miettinen on February 13, 2012 8:45pm
The book is available as an ebook at Ellibs store
Designing Services with Innovative Methods: Perspectives on Service Design
By Satu Miettinen, Mikko Koivisto
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  1. Designing Services with Innovative Methods
  2. Service Design as an Emerging Field
  3. Service Design in the Age of Networks and Sustainability
  4. Service Designers' Methods
  5. From Interaction to Service
  6. Developing Service Design Education
  7. Can Designers Help Deliver Better Services?
  8. Frameworks for Structuring Services and Customer Experiences
  9. Designing Public Services
  10. Who Do We Think We Are?
  11. Service Design as a Tool for Innovative Leadership
  12. Service Design Pressure Cookers
  13. Service Design for Social Innovation
  14. Relational Services and Conviviality
  15. Service Design in Tourism