Publication Date
January 2010
"Servicedesign" is the first Danish language book on service design. Not least therefore the book is in many ways a "basic textbook" that introduces service design to the Danish market, where service design is still very new. The target group is universities and business schools as well as everybody interested in and working with service design. The book was officially published on January 5, 2010.
The book describes what a service actually is and what the consequences are when it comes to service evidencing, quality measuring, customer management, handling variability, service marketing etc.

The book discusses the various definitions of what service design is and what kinds of advantages there are related to service design. A number of service design models are described including some of the methods and tools that can be used in working with developing services that are attractive to the users and consumers and efficient to the companies and organisations. 13 different cases — national and international, public and commercial — are desribed in the book.

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