Creating Desired Futures: Solving complex business problems with Design Thinking
Michael Shamiyeh
Publication Date
June 2010
Birkhäuser Architecture
FROM AMAZON.COM: Today s society is making great leaps in its effort to obtain ever more and ever more specific know-how in various specialties, with the consequence that the structures of today s companies are become increasingly complex.

This in turn leads to problems at the points of interface, which calls for a comprehensive approach to solutions.

Creating Desired Futures defines design a creative, analytical method to develop and explore alternative solutions to complex problems, and it shows that design is particularly well suited to the business world s current need for innovative strategies.

In twenty-four essays by designers, architects, and representatives of large companies such as Nike and Shell, the book shows how such a design-based approach can help define, assess, and solve problems for companies. It presents not only specific strategies from actual practice but also innovative approaches from the world of corporate consulting. Essays by researchers and teachers discuss theoretical aspects of the subject "Design Thinking."

Creating Desired Futures: Solving complex business problems with Design Thinking
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