Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities
Patrick M. Condon
Publication Date
November 2007
Island Press
FROM AMAZON.COM: A step-by-step guide to more synthetic, holistic, and integrated urban design strategies, Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities is a practical manual to accomplish complex community design decisions and create more green, clean, and equitable communities.

The design charrette has become an increasingly popular way to engage the public and stakeholders in public planning, and Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities shows how citizens and officials can use this tool to change the way they make decisions, especially when addressing issues of the sustainable community.

Designed to build consensus and cooperation, a successful charrette produces a design that expresses the values and vision of the community. Patrick Condon outlines the key features of the charrette, an inclusive decision-making process that brings together citizens, designers, public officials, and developers in several days of collaborative workshops.

Drawing on years of experience designing sustainable urban environments and bringing together communities for charrettes, Condon's manual provides step-by-step instructions for making this process work to everyone's benefit. He translates emerging sustainable development concepts and problem-solving theory into concrete principles in order to explain what a charrette is, how to organize one, and how to make it work to produce sustainable urban design results.

Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities
Filed under: participatory, architecture, urban planning, co-design, workshops.
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  1. Charrette Theory for People in a Hurry
  2. Two Kinds of Charrettes
  3. The Design Brief
  4. The Nine Rules for a Good Charrette
  5. The Workshops
  6. The Charrettes
  7. After the Charrette
  8. Case Study One: The East Clayton Sustainable Community Design Charrette
  9. Case Study Two: The Damascus Area Design Workshop