Unfolding the Napkin: The Hands-On Method for Solving Complex Problems with Simple Pictures
Dan Roam
Publication Date
December 2009
Portfolio Trade
FROM AMAZON.COM: An original workbook companion to the acclaimed business bestseller The Back of the Napkin

Dan Roam's The Back of the Napkin, a BusinessWeek bestseller, taught readers the power of brainstorming and communicating with pictures. It presented a new and exciting way to solve all kinds of problems-from the boardroom to the sales floor to the cubicle jungle.

The companion workbook, Unfolding the Napkin, helps readers put Roam's principles into practice with step-by-step guidelines. It's filled with detailed case studies, guided do-it-yourself exercises, and plenty of blank space for drawing. Roam structured the book as a complete four-day visual-thinking seminar, taking readers step-by-step from "I can't draw" to "Here is the picture I drew that I think will save the world."

The workbook teaches readers how to:

  • Improve their three "built-in" visual problem solving tools.

  • Apply the four-step visual thinking process (look-see-imagine-show) in any business situation.

  • Instantly improve their visual imaginations.

  • Learn how to recognize the type of problem to choose the best visual solution.

    If The Back of the Napkin was a guide to fine dining, Unfolding the Napkin is the cookbook that will soon be heavily marked up and dogeared.

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    One Comment
    Marc Stickdorn on June 21, 2010 8:28am
    A 101 description of how to express ideas by using simple visualisations.
    Unfolding the Napkin: The Hands-On Method for Solving Complex Problems with Simple Pictures
    By Dan Roam
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