Information Anxiety 2
Richard S Wurman
Publication Date
December 2000
This is the bible for information designers, but not just for information designers.

A lot of principles illustrated in the book is not only about how we deal with digital information, but also how we deal with our relationships with this increasingly complex world and with each other (often we don't even see each other anymore).

A very important message for designers in this book is that we have to be cautious with everything we make — even just a piece of graphic or a blog post — because once it gets into the world of information, it cause consequences that we may not expect.

A joyful reading and lots of nice illustrations :)
Information Anxiety 2 Filed under: information design, digital communication, visualization, latch.
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One Comment
Jeff Howard on May 28, 2010 6:30pm
We referenced this book at CMU. Wurman's l.a.t.c.h acronym for location, alphabetical, time, category and hierarchy is something I still use for thinking about how to organize information. It makes sense given how much of service design deals with information visualization.
Information Anxiety 2 By Richard S Wurman
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