Subject To Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World
FROM AMAZON.COM: To achieve success in today's ever-changing and unpredictable markets, competitive businesses need to rethink and reframe their strategies across the board.

Instead of approaching new product development from the inside out, companies have to begin by looking at the process from the outside in, beginning with the customer experience.

It's a new way of thinking-and working-that can transform companies struggling to adapt to today's environment into innovative, agile, and commercially successful organizations.

Companies must develop a new set of organizational competencies: qualitative customer research to better understand customer behaviors and motivations; an open design process to reframe possibilities and translate new ideas into great customer experiences; and agile technological implementation to quickly prototype ideas, getting them from the whiteboard out into the world where people can respond to them.

In Subject to Change: Creating Great Products and Services for an Uncertain World, Adaptive Path, a leading experience strategy and design company, demonstrates how successful businesses can-and should-use customer experiences to inform and shape the product development process, from start to finish.

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Two Comments
Joel Bailey on June 8, 2010 3:59pm
Great book which really summarises what needs to change to put service design on the map
Fabian Segelström on June 21, 2010 9:53am
Nice book coming out of the interaction design/user experience tradition. Similar message as in Tim Brown's "Change by design" but oriented towards readers who have a background in digital design (although it doesn't stop there).
Subject To Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World
By Peter Merholz, Todd Wilkens, Brandon Schauer, David Verba
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